• Poetry


    like steam rising on water your heat is obvious from a distance so i slip out of my shorts before i slide in beside your sleeping form warm scent escapes the open sheet musked sweat and cologne drifting up and out your body responds instinctively, rolling towards and wrapping itself possessively around me your rough hands begin to rove unthinkingly under my shirt and between my legs i very softly tell you no though i know full well you do not hear your fingers sleepwalk across my flesh like a man lost in the dark crooked and repetitive you keep circling back to where you have been sliding further down…

  • Experience

    Anal Sex: unlocking the back door

      Okay…I’ll admit it. I like it. Sometimes. Not all the time, mind you…and I certainly would not be the first to bring it up, not that I have anything against those who do.  Well, okay…I think I asked for it once – but there were many glasses of wine that led up to that invitation. My discomfort talking about it brings up a valid set of questions: Do most women like anal sex, but are too embarrassed to request it or even talk about it? Do most women want nothing to do with anal? Are women asking for it all the time, and I’ve just been out of the…

  • Experience

    Tips for waking up a sleepy libido

    Okay…I’ll admit it…my libido waxes and wanes. But, then, for most of us, sexual desire and energy cycles from high to low depending on the level of stress we are under, how overworked or tired we are, how healthy we are, and how happy our relationship is. I’m a happily married girl with a pretty decent sex life (if I do say so myself), but I do, on occasion slip off of my sexual pedestal. So, how to bring it back from the dead naturally? Here’s what I found: (be sure to share your ideas by submitting a comment!) 1. Sleep. (Duh…if you’re tired, you won’t have the energy to…

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