like steam rising on wateryour heat is obvious from a distance so i slip out of my shorts beforei slide in beside your sleeping form warm scent escapes the open sheetmusked sweat and cologne drifting up and out your body responds instinctively, rolling towards and wrapping itself possessively around me your rough hands begin to…


There are bodies colliding everywhere,undulating to the room’s vibration:music, conversation, laughter,and passing traffic. It is dark and nightand the liquor flows freelybetween deviant lips in shadesof red and coral and pink. Sugared lust drips down chinsbetween breasts;hands push up skirts,down pants,between bras and skin. And the men at the end of the barare confused by…

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Take a look…there are quite a few new additions to the blogroll…I had a great time letting my internet ADD get the best of me tonight.  You might as well benefit from it, too.  Scroll to the bottom and glance to the right.  Click, read, and be amazed!  I love reading other people’s smut.

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