Quite awhile ago (I’m not sure why I’m just getting around to posting about it now), I was clicking through the rather unimpressive instant-view choices on Netflix, when I came across a show out of Australia called Satisfaction. My husband was at work, so I decided to give it go (it looked pretty “girly”). I ended up watching 2 episodes the first night, and was hooked within 4.

The premise is this: A group of women who work for a high-class brothel in Melbourne go through the daily struggle to maintain real lives amidst the drama unfolding at work. Yes, it’s a sexy show. Yes, the ladies are attractive. But, I really did, just as the Herald Sun article (see below) predicts, become attached to the characters and their individual struggles. Each show focuses on one of the main characters. So, over the course of a season, you get to see how hard one character works to be a sex worker AND a mom/girlfriend, and how one tries to attend school and maintain her creative side. Probably my favorite episode deals with one of the older women working at the brothel as a “hostess” being propositioned by a customer. She decides to go ahead and try being “one of the girls”, and ends up being a central figure for the rest of the series. And my favorite character is by-far the manager (who later becomes the owner). Natalie, with all of her quirky/kinky sex interests, just grows and grows and takes on a darker and darker sexual image as the series unfolds.

I’ve complained about porn plenty on this blog. Shows like this get at what women want in seductive television a lot more successfully than porn does. It’s sexy…nixes the cheesy music…and provides background story and emotion. The show really does provide something for everyone. It doesn’t shy away from anyone’s sexual interests, mock them, or make fun. It isn’t a new series, and since it is not a U.S. show, the only place I have found it is on Netflix (the DVDs won’t work in most U.S. players). There are only 3 seasons, regretfully. Though, as the 3rd season commences, it is easy to see why it fell apart. All of the main characters move on, which left me feeling a little cheated as a viewer. I didn’t like the new characters nearly as much as the old, and I never did manage to watch the last two episodes. I suggest the series, however, because the first two seasons are fantastic. Interesting subject matter, well-acted, and truly seductive. Pure Satisfaction.

Satisfaction explores the inner workings of the sex industry (Herald Sun) Femail.com/au – REVIEW


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