Waving your fingers beneath your nose,
I watch the aroma of last night’s events
take you into a daydream.
Your eyes close and a smile plays across your lips.
It’s enough to make heat rise in my thighs.
I love your face like that –
a satisfied dog lying in the sun on a hot day.
You slide your finger across your tongue,
making momentary eye contact with me.
My breath quickens briefly as I remember
your hands between her spread legs,
her back arched in release.
Her moans and whimpers were loud enough
to wake the whole building.
I felt and odd kind of pride
that made me bite my lip
and focus on outside of her left thigh
quivering next to my face.
I reach my hand up to squeeze her ass,
brushing your chest as I brought it back to my own.
I held my breath and waited for her to finish.
It’s a view most wives don’t get to see.
But, it’s nice to know what you look like
giving pleasure to a woman…
so focused and intense and aware of what works.
And it did…
for all of us.

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