Years ago, I put together a mixed CD of music for an “at home” date. Of course, this is before everyone had an MP3 player, access to easy/cheap downloads, and when my collection was rather small…so this is what I had at the time…oddly enough, as I am listening to it (yes, I’m having to listen to the beginning of each tune to create this list because the files aren’t named – I don’t think Real Player did that back then), it still gets me in the mood.  Just sayin’.

I titled it “Love and Lust”

CD 1 – “Love” (and yes…it is obvious to me now – I haven’t heard these CD’s for years – that I made this compilation for my husband before we were married, when we were first dating).  And it is created with a “build up” in mind.  Timed, sort of, for dinner…hangin’ out…makin’ out…fucking…)

Heart – Magic Man (oh, yes…I am weak for those blue eyes)
Foghat – I Just Wanna Make Love to You (though, now, I would suggest the Etta James version instead)
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine (listening to this now, I’m surprised I didn’t add some Barry White – but then, it probably felt cliche at the time)
Santana – Black Magic Woman
Maxwell – Until the Cops Come Knocking
Janet Jackson – Anything
Alicia Keys – A Woman’s Worth
Alana Davis – I Want You
Jewel – Break Me
Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes (I always think of my husband when I hear this one…it’s definitely my love song of choice for him…I think I may have even had this on our wedding soundtrack)
Janet Jackson – Every Time

CD 2 – “Lust”

1) Merril Bainbridge -Garden in My Room
2) Enigma – The Principles of Lust (this band is always a “sex” favorite of mine)
3) Madonna – Sanctuary
4) Janet Jackson – Rope Burn
5) Paula Cole – Feelin’ Love
6) Lisa Hall – Is this Real?
7) Madonna – Eating Out (probably should be having sex by now)
8) Madonna – Erotica
9) Rosey – Like a Dream
10) Bree Sharp – Cheap and Evil Girl
11) Republica – Wrap Your Body Around Me
12) NIN – Closer (kind of a duh)
13) Live – Like I do
14) Shakira – Eyes Like Yours
15) Live – Forever (this is a great song to orgasm to)

So, years later, what would I add to a volume 3?  Hmmmm….I will have to think about that – maybe you could give me some suggestions?

And a little bonus I found while surfing…

Janet Jackson Live Sex Tease On Stage by bigrobb

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