I suppose I could be more semantically delicate…but really, who would I be kidding?  Not you.  Not me.  So, let’s be honest, open, and share, share, share.  Music, for women especially, has a huge emotional impact.  I’m not saying it doesn’t do things for men…but seriously…the mixed tape?  Yah…women came up with that…we made them for each other, our boyfriends…and smart boys made them for us.  Now…we’ve grown up and it’s “playlists”…but, ultimately, it’s the same thing.

And what is better than a make-out session soundtrack?  I’ll share a few of my favorites…if you share some of yours.

Tonight…for part one (simply because it is what I am listening to at the moment) will be rock-a-billy (an interest I must totally thank my husband for).

1. Imelda May
I so want her:  Seriously…sexy, Irish…what more could you want?

Imelda May – Big Bad Handsome Man

(totally want this as my ring tone…for when my husband calls)

2. Candye Kane
Did a search for this one…and found the best quote ever:  “The stranger-than-fiction story of an ex-gang member, unwed teen mother, rockabilly, plus-sized ex-adult film star, cancer-surviving, multi-award winning, bisexual blues phenomenon.” – read the article it came from!

I love her music…and had no idea she had been a porn star until my husband told me.  Guess I should have guessed by the name.  Fabulous album covers!!!!  Whoever does her artwork is great!

3.  Devil Doll – mmmm…one sexy gal – and I’m hard to please with this particular song, but she actually does it justice.

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