I was standing in the bathroom, applying mascara or brushing my hair, or something.  From the bedroom I heard his small, inquisitive little voice:  “Daddy, why is that lady spraying the hose up her skirt?”  (I snickered, covered my mouth, and remained glued to my spot, listening intently for daddy’s response.)  “She’s not…she’s just holding her dress out of the way so it doesn’t get wet.”  “Oh.”  End of discussion.  Very nicely dealt, daddy.

That one was easy.  The ones that are coming, might not be.

As you can tell, I love my pin-up art.  So does my husband.  And we display it proudly in our bedroom.  It’s not like it’s all over the house, above our son’s door, in his playroom.  It’s not even as if the photos and paintings we have chosen are even that explicit.  We don’t bombard him with sexual imagery.  But, we don’t necessarily hide it either.  Especially when it’s art.

But, that’s where it gets nebulous, huh?  What does one allow children to see?  Is nude art obscene?  What is the difference between art and pornography?

Okay, okay…I’ve opened a can of worms worthy of a dissertation…for which I do not at all have time.

Suffice it to say, I am aware that my tastes will continue to warrant discussion, explanation, and possibly defense at some point.

Suffice it, also, to say, I will not be removing the artwork.

Life is too short…and women too beautiful.

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