• Experience

    Preparing for Pleasure X 4

    The dating game is complicated. Gotta find a place to meet someone. Gotta meet someone. Gotta figure out how to get that someone outta his or her pants. Gotta decide whether to leave before morning or stay until the sun comes up and do the walk of shame in last night’s clothes. Gotta decide when to call or whether to call at all. Now. Add two more people to the mix. Two of you know what you like, what you want, how to do it, how to get it from each other. The other two know the same things about each other. But, the game just got way more convoluted…two…

  • Poetry

    Easy Come, Easy Go

    Digging through my old things in search of a notebook small enough to stick in my purse for writing while out to lunch, I found a cool little hand-made leather-bound, notebook made in Victoria, B.C.  The leather – pliable, and red – is wrapped like an envelope around five sections of paper that are sewn in to create a makeshift binding. It isn’t sturdy, but it’s pretty and soft. When I opened it to write, I found this inscription (which I had forgotten was there). You are in a fair way to create a whole nation of lunatics. -Walt I’m fairly certain it was used out of context…but, the crux…

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