Quiet sex? 

The concept conjures images of one room cabins or longhouses in pioneer times.  How on earth did people do it?  Did others living in the midst of the horny couple just ignore it or wear earplugs?  Was it just an accepted part of living in crowded quarters?  Or were people just that quiet? 

Well, I’m sure some people are capable.  I’m a little loud, which seems to be appreciated by my husband most of the time…but when the house is full of company…and the children are getting old enough to NOT sleep through everything…something must be done – quickly and affordably.

Now, I’m willing to do my part – (try to) stop screaming when there are others in the house (I can make no promises); but something about our furniture is going to have to change.

So, I’m currently researching options:  platform beds, captains beds, waterbed frames, no frame at all.

But since furniture, as always, is quite expensive, I’m wondering if anyone out there has a good suggestion?  Aside from sound-proofing our bedroom, giving the kids away, or heading out to the garage.

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