We all have resolutions floating around in our brains at this time of year…even if that resolution is to avoid making them.  It’s hard not to consider changes or plans when a beginning presents itself…and since New Year’s Day marks a rather anti-climactic beginning (seriously, how does anything change other than the fact that I’ll be screwing up the year when I write the date at least until June?), and since everyone else is doing it…I’m making a few.

1)  Write more.  Here, there, everywhere…the good, the bad, the kinky.  It’s all good…and it’s all worth putting on paper.  I just tend to get caught up in the chain of excuses and end up losing track of all that I begin.  It’s a kind of ADD, I guess.
2)  Be naughty when I get the chance.  Since DH is on a crazy schedule now…I’ll be alone in my bed more often than I like…I’m hoping to use that positively rather than negatively…allowing the build up to be motivating rather than frustrating (though frustration certainly has its place).
3)  Try harder to keep up with my ever growing online life without giving up any part of my offline one (because who are we kidding…I can’t feed my dogs virtually, spend quality time with my kids with a computer in front of my face, or download an app that will run for me – sure wish I could, though).
4)  Exercise more.  Which means more running (for longevity, stamina, and the heart).  And more yoga (for flexibility and calm).  Both of which mean more sex, for longer, in more complex positions. Actually…I’m kind of a fan of “normal” sex.  I know…boring.  But then, maybe my normal, boring sex is over the top for someone else…it’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.  If I told my mother how much I love being eaten out, she’d faint.  But, that’s probably a bad example…too hard to tell if the fainting was brought on by her disgust over such and indecent act or by me telling her something about my sex life in the first place.  I would probably be horrified if she told me about her bedroom antics as well (in fact, been there, done that, don’t really ever want to go back and do it again).

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