So, here we are…almost to the new year.  Time for resolutions…which for me, will include the evolution of this website.  A new phase.  A more serious one.

When I start a new blog (which I do on a fairly regular basis), I have a vague idea of what I want out of it.  The goal takes on the qualities of a mirage.  So, I surf the wave until I come to a fork in the road.  Then, I sit down, cross-legged and stare at the two (or more) paths, musing on the possibilities.  I either stop right there and head back from whence I came…or, I choose a road.

Today, I’m choosing a road.

I realize that people’s dirty little secrets are intriguing.  Hell, it’s why I’m addicted to reading memoir.  It’s part of what I like about other people’s sex blogs.

But…it’s not the direction I’m going to take.

Because of other resolutions I am making this year (mainly related to my writing), I have decided to focus only on the reading and writing aspects of lust….not my own experience or photography.  That may a disappointment to some.  And, I suspect, it will decrease my “readership”…for those who are mainly drawn in by the photos.

So be it.

The Lustful Literate lusts more for literature than for lust itself.  Right now.

Where will this lead us?  Well, book reviews, erotic writing links, my own writing…that sort of thing.  Anything and everything related to reading and writing about sex.

So there.
Resolution made.
Evolution begun.
And a fun little side goal.  I had 13 posts in October.  13 in November.  And after some careful editing, 13 in December.  Looks like a natural pattern has begun, which I will try to keep up.

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