Lay my head to pillow,
your voice pushing into me,
violating my sleep,
slick and natural,
sleek with superstition:
touch not allowed,
better to see, to suck in,
breath to cool the sweat
beaded in the pool of a quivering navel.
Eyes closed, feeling
each other only through sense,
smell our essence: musk and time,
fingers felt only by heat hovering
heavily over collar-bone, breasts,
abdomen heaving under the pressure
of hindered release.
I could heat the room with my thighs:
slightly spread in honest invitation.
But the dream might end on contact:
embrace is anticlimax. 
Let your words
enter me, push me, pull me,
choose your images to please,
make my breath
falter, swallow audibly.
Come to me, in the dark, uninvited,
and, writhing to meet your palm, 
I’ll come for you.

Vintage porn is one of my favorite things.  I love to see that people have always been intensely sexual and drawn to sexual imagery.  As soon as cameras were invented, photographic pornography flashed onto the screen.  My favorite is artistic, like this.  Intentional and seductive.

Here are a few sites for more…

Vintage Lovelies

Vintage Cuties

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