• Poetry

    Reading the Virgin

    First, I select with discerning eye the one I want to touch to caress to hold in my hand embrace to pet and let my eyes undress. My fingers open her to the crease – careful not to bend too far. I loosen her hold: her inner secrets spill into my hands. Her softness and the unyielding glue of her strength too easily broken, fragile. It’s terribly exciting. I lick my lips, shiver under the pressure of holding myself in check; then slip my fingers between her pages, bend them, smooth them down, nearly cracking her back to enter her and devour the story she holds within her unspoken depths.…

  • Experience

    Submissive or Dominant?

    So…interesting day.  But let me begin at the end. Sitting on the couch after a movie, wine, martini, dinner, great day with the family.  Kid in bed.  Quiet after the movie.  Discussion:  what makes a submissive and a dominant?  What makes a good relationship?  Yin and yang.  Positive and negative. Then…a continuation of a conversation we’ve had dozens of times before…but new.  Why Henry and Anais?  Why not Henry and June?  Why June and Anais?  Why not Henry and June?  Classic case of incompatibility.  Two dominant personalities do not work…for long.  Two submissive personalities do not work…for long.  You must have both sides of the coin.  And neither is less…

  • Books & Reading

    The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn…ch. 3

    “I was a porn virgin” I remember the first time I saw actual porn.  I was rooting around in the linen closet for a beach towel.  Since they were the biggest ones, used the least, they were on the bottom.  So, I pulled from the bottom of the stack, trying hard to avoid knocking the whole terry cloth tower over when, lo and behold, a collection of magazines fell at my feet. I must’ve been around 9 or 10.  Of course, I knew they belonged to my father.  And I wondered briefly, even at that young age, why on earth he was stupid enough to keep them in a place…

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