Mr. LL and I like to spice things up every once in awhile with sex games – board games, card games, what have you.  We’ve had some good (A Hot Affair – we even figured out how to play it with another couple if we so choose), some bad (the magic 8 ball was – yawn – disappointing), and some just on the cusp of “meh”.  We’ve attempted The Great American Sex Diet and have seen 101 Nights of Great Sex (is it any good?  You can’t browse through the book before you buy it, so I haven’t been willing to commit).

And we’re up for something new.  What have you tried and enjoyed?  Do you know of a good resource (website, store, company) that has a good selection?  The best games can be expensive, and I don’t really want to shell out the cash for a dud if I don’t have to.  I’d rather check out some real time reviews from real people.  Or maybe you’ve made one up of your own?

So, let’s hear it…

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One Reply to “Question: What’s your favorite sex game?”

  1. I have not tried any sex board games, oddly enough. I have used the dice with the directions to lick or kiss certain body parts, as well as Naked Hide-n-Go Seek. A friend told me of her fun with the x-rated version of Connect Four, called 'Fourplay Connect'. Maybe it is worth the time?

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