So, I’m reading The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn and plan to kind of take it a chapter at a time, sort of a book study/book talk.  A few days ago, I did a bit of a response to the book’s introduction.  And on another day when it doesn’t look like a storm is going to take out my internet connection at any second, I’ll go into greater detail on chapter one.

So, for today, I’ll just jump out there and ask you all…what’s your favorite steamy film, porn flick, naughty website, etc.?  

If you respond to the question, give the title, where it can be found (if you know), and explain why you like it (why it’s a turn on) and who you think might enjoy it as much as you – sort of a min-review.

I’ll start.

One of the hottest films I’ve seen is Henry and June.

It was artistic, seductive, and, at the time of my first viewing (I was in my teens), it was more than I’d ever thought of experiencing – orgies, bisexual activity, voyeurism, domination, submission…it had it all, plus decent music, lighting, and acting.  So, it definitely beats most porn films.

By far, however, the hottest scene I’ve watched in years was from a mediocre film called 40 Days and 40 Nights.  Hot, hot, hot scene where the male lead brings the female lead to orgasm with nothing but a feather.  Made my thighs tingle. (Although, it is listed as one of the worst movie sex scenes of all time, and has been described as trite, disappointing, and “not at all kinky” on several review sites, I disagree.)  I tried to find a video clip of the scene, but got the internet ADD and lost interest…

But, I found this while I was looking…just for fun:  The 11 Most Famous Movie Masturbators.

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2 Replies to “Question: What’s your favorite naughty movie?”

  1. I actually like the 1993 film, "Dream Lover", with James Spader. Before everything unraveled, I liked the passionate sex he had with his wife in the film. It is nice to see acrobatic and intense sex on screen, that is not about BDSM or just as a device for getting the male gaze. It seemed to be authentic and encapsulated the lust that precedes a whirlwind romance.

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