Alluring photographs.  There is little more titillating that pictures that hint at sex…that artistically capture the human form.

We, as a species, have been pretty obsessed with our bodies (and the bodies of others) since we slithered out of the pond and lost our tails (or fell from heaven – whichever your belief).  Sketches, paintings, murals, photographs, sculptures.

Some people are gifted at capturing the beauty of a hip, the tilt of a chin, the glint in an eye.

I am not one of them.

My husband and I have struggled for years to get just the right angle, the right light, pose, background.  And, invariably something goes wrong:  the dog wants to be part of the fun; the flash doesn’t go off, shadows play off the an imperfection in the worst way possible. 

But we keep trying.

Mostly, I do better on my own.  Using the self-timer, I take dozens of pictures to claim two as “acceptable”.  But, at least I get two.

I’m not a horribly overweight person.  I think I look pretty good naked.  But, somehow, the camera finds every lump, roll, blemish, stretch mark and misplaced hair.  It’s an exercise in self-esteem mutilation.  But, it’s worth it if you get it right.

Today, I had two quiet hours alone with a camera…

Two hours alone
with a camera
and the mid-day sun
bouncing off a pile
of Autumn leaves.

You requested

something sexy,
sent to you at work
to get you through
the afternoon.

Two hours alone.

So, I prepared
the canvas,
shaved the hair
from between my legs,
found just the right angle
and repeatedly snapped,
until even I
was aroused
by my own postures.

About that time,
the battery died.
But, as I was
already naked,
I took liberties
with myself.

Two hours alone
are delicious.

I have photographs
to prove it.

(HNT…it’s a great idea.  It’s just enough to be sexy…not enough to be porn.  Love it.  Perfect mix.  Looking forward to sharing more of my own.)

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