I have one of those jobs that takes a lot out of me on a daily basis.  The kind that requires frequent breaks (summer, winter, spring, and thank god for presidents’ birthdays).  The kind that requires exactly what my husband dished up last night.

Now, let me put this in perspective: Mr. LL is pretty darn good at the “rubbins”.  Foot massages, back rubs, shoulders, thighs, calves, and my personal favorite…the butt massage.  Yummy.

But, last night, he put the sensual spin on the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol”.  Deep circles in the small of the back, thumb pressure on the inside of the thighs, straddling my ass – laying on my back – touching, caressing, fondling…feathers, fingers, and fucking.

Yes, yes…it was delicious.  A present in invisible wrapping, completely unexpected at the end of a long day in the middle of the week.

It’s getting dark up here.  The sun is going into hibernation.  Sometimes my body wants to, too.  But, touch is therapy.  Touch heals.  Touch enlivens.  Touch brings heat to the cold of autumn – a fire to warm the room when too much work makes you begin to see your own breath.

Makes me want to climb in bed and stay all day, just being touched.

This is just one of my favorite things.

Another is this….

Such a simple, inexpensive, unassuming little piece of primitive technology…a staple of my toy box – I’ve gone through at least 4 since my husband introduced me to it.  It’s my little blue friend…and has been known to bring me to orgasm in less than a minute flat.  The “queen of the water-closet quickie”, it’s worth its weight in gold.  Probably the most satisfying toy I’ve ever owned.

And yet another is this…

I know these are not especially surprising or even maybe that alluring.  But, sexy can be simple.  In fact, it most often is.

Two naked bodies in the dark.

Can’t get much better than that.

Unless, maybe…you make it four.


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