And for a bit of a laugh…I wrote this poem some years ago at the behest of my husband.  I hadn’t written much erotic material in quite awhile, so he encouraged me to come up with something.  This was the result.  For some reason, I must’ve been in a limerick-y state of mind.  Enjoy!

The Closet 
Janie was a wild girl.
She loved to go to parties.
Janie loved a dress that twirled
high showing off her panties.
She liked to have sex in public places,
like alleys and bathrooms and such.
Her legs spread wide, her eyes couldn’t hide
that she loved a stranger’s touch.
Kate was an innocent little thing.
White cotton briefs and wireless bras.
Kate kept her knees together and covered,
wore chapstick instead of lip gloss.
She’d never been kissed or suckled or licked
by a boy or a man, or a girl for that matter.
So she wasn’t ready at all for Janie’s pick
of her when they played spin the bottle.
Deep in the darkness behind all the clothes
in the closet in Janie’s bedroom,
the guests got an earful of Janie’s desire
for Kate, whom they all did assume
would run out the door, eyes wide in shock,
but how could they ever predict
that Kate would come out, holding her cock?
That girl was a boy, sure as shit!
Janie was a wild girl
who loved to go to parties,
Kate was a boy in denial.
But now that Kate has come out of the closet
Janie wears a devilish smile.

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