(Another original work of The Lustful Literate)

Her face,
the picture of youthful innocence
She wants to fuck you
n the dirtiest ways,
her little cherry-print dress
pushed up over her ass.
She wants you to stick your fingers everywhere,
to lick her like ice cream melting in the sun,
Quick with full tongue,
As it threatens to drip down your hand
and your forearm,
which she plans to.
In the alley a few streets away from the bouncing club,
she leads you into the shadowy safety of the dark,
pulls you into her hard,
puts her hand directly between your legs and
lifts up what is already growing stiff.
Impervious to social dictum,
she slide her skirt above her hips exposing
a sex so hungry it almost speaks the words
“fuck me”
Where her thighs meet, heat pulses,
and her breath falls heavy from swollen lips,
“Fuck me…fuck me here…”
Turning her back to you,
she pushes her ass out to you in offering,
a cat in heat.
An authoritative primal whisper
your body won’t disobey.
Letting your pants fall to your knees,
planting your hands around her warm hips,
you plunge into her wet heat.
Like a sponge, she sucks you in,
her internal dynamics clasping at your cock
like Chinese handcuffs,
locking you inside of her,
demanding that you stay
until she is done.
As your movements quicken,
she grabs your hands,
moves them to her breasts,
“Grab them hard…”
she says through clenched teeth,
bending over further to push into you with more force,
her hands on the dirty brick building for support.
The sound of her ass clapping against your pelvis
takes on the quality of a rabid concert audience.
Gaining speed, bones bruising skin.
And with one quiet, ironically soft sound,
she is spent,
slowly sliding herself away from your slick shaft,
dripping your offerings across the asphalt.
She smoothes the folds of her dress,
grabs the back of your neck with strong fingers,
kisses you hard on the mouth,
slipping her tongue between your teeth,
then walks,
with an exaggeratedly slow sway,
toward the street.
By the yellow streetlight glow,
you can see a shimmering line of cum
running down the inside of her left leg,
all the way down
to her platformed heel.

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