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I turned to face him, biting my lip with desire.  I wanted nothing more than his face buried between my legs, licking and kissing and sucking while I watched Harmony fuck my husband with her mouth and lips.  My face must have been an open invitation, because that’s just what he began to do.  He pushed me down on to the floor, the view above me was Harmony’s backside, her head still bobbing slowly back and forth.  I could see right up the leg of her boxers, and I’m sure she could’ve felt my breath all the way up to her cunt.

My husband’s moans and grunts made my thighs quiver, and having Cole’s tongue slipping up and down the lips of my wet pussy, sucking on my clitoris was like fucking heaven.  I could see my husband’s face contorting with pleasure.  He was watching me watching him get off, and the closer he got to coming, the closer I followed.  Just before he let loose, Harmony turned and leaned over me, kissed me, kissed Cole, and kissed me again.  I could taste myself, salty and sweet, on her lips.
It was my turn to enjoy my husband’s cock.  If he was going to come, I wanted it to be between my lips.  I found my place before him on my knees, looked up at him, smiled, and put my mouth around him, my hand at the base of his scrotum, squeezing lightly.  Right then, I felt fingers, whose I didn’t know, sift between my nether lips, rubbing against my clit and seeking entrance inside.  One finger slipped inside slowly, searching out my g-spot with surprisingly quick success.  I groaned, vibrating my husband’s cock, making him moan.  He grabbed the back of my head, taking a handful of hair loosely in his fist, guiding my head back and forth, slowly.  I sucked and sucked, while the fingers in my pussy danced in and out and in and out, causing my own wetness to drip down the insides of my thighs.  I could feel my orgasm beginning, as my sucking became quick and forceful and frantic; my husband’s thighs began to quiver, and I knew he was about to come, so I backed off and slid my mouth down as far as I could, feeling his cock at the back of my throat, and back up to the very tip.  I wasn’t ready for anyone to come quite yet.
In the periphery, I could just see Cole sitting on the floor, leaning up against the couch, with Harmony’s head between his legs, her shapely ass up in the air, knees spread for better balance.  Letting go of my husband’s cock, I turned and reached my arms around her, placing my hands around her swaying breasts, which filled my palms and then some.   My husband got on his knees behind me.  Entering between my slippery lips, he slowly began to fuck me, his hands holding on to Harmony’s hips as I continued to massage her breasts and she sucked on Cole’s dick.  I slipped one hand between her voluptuous thighs, then one finger, then two, into her shaved cunt.  With the other hand, I kept my balance by grabbing hold of her ass. I plunged my fingers deep inside of her again and again.  Everyone was moaning and writhing and sweating and breathing as one.  And all at once, like the crescendo of a complicated and passionate symphony, we came…we came and came and groaned and screamed out our intense relief at letting go so completely.
We collapsed in a heap of breathing, sighing bodies.  Silently, we caressed and rubbed whatever skin lay beneath our hands.  Cole and my husband sandwiched Harmony and I, who faced one another.  We fell asleep like that.
In the morning…Dean, who’d passed out in a heap of pillows earlier in the evening, woke up to a pile of naked bodies.  I wonder what he thought.  Probably something like, “What the fuck?  Why didn’t anybody wake me up…I could’ve helped…I got skills…”

Hmmmmm….maybe next time.


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