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Here’s another “pre-swing” post.  This was originally posted on 2-17-2008 at SwingersBoard –  It is a description of our first visit to New Horizons in Seattle.  And while the club remains a fabulous place to visit, the website has turned to complete crap.  Don’t let the website turn you off.  It’s a classy club, well worth the visit.


*update: this club has now closed

Broken coochie and aching feet

Posted 02-17-2008 at 07:19 PM by The Lustful Literate/Brigit Delaney

Well, we dove…head first! Yes, yes…we “came”, we saw, we conquered (our fears, that is). So, here’s how it all “went down” (ha ha!!! I love playing with words).

We got all snazzied up, packed up the trunk, and dropped the kids at the babysitter with a “likely” excuse for heading to the city for a possible over-nighter. When we made our last turn onto the road where New Horizons is located, we decided to bypass our stop-off to imbibe a shot or two of liquid courage, since we only had about 30 minutes before orientation was to begin. Passing several apartment/condo complexes, a few cars in front of us turned right into the driveway. The small line of vehicles stopped at a large iron gate, which opened slowly (my heart-rate jumped a few notches at this point). We pulled past the gate to the parking lot and backed into a space (joking that it would make it easier to high-tail it out of there more quickly if necessary). We were a little early, so we sat in the car freaking out for a few minutes (didn’t want to show up too early and seem over-eager). When the time came to finally get out of the car, I wiped my sweaty palms on the car seat, got out, and breathed in deeply. This was it…

We walked up the lit path to the front door, and I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats as we walked through it. A big sign saying “orientation” greeted us, so we followed where it pointed, down into the ballroom/dance floor area. Tables were set up for dinner and a few members were already there claiming their seats, packing their belongings away, and getting changed into their party clothes. We came ready for that, not knowing what to expect. A few of the other “newbie” couples were filling out their paperwork and looking as apprehensive as we were. Once we got our privacy agreement and membership card filled out (just in case later we decided to go ahead and do it) the gentlemen at the sign-in table told us to grab a place mat and put our names on it if we were thinking we might stay after orientation (as they expected a lot of people and seating would go quickly). That was our first step into commitment: putting our names on those placards meant we were pretty sure we were going to take the plunge. Take another deep breath.

The place itself was beautiful. The tour took us from the ballroom/dance floor area to the lobby (a communal area for getting signed in and a kitchen area for member use. Next, it was upstairs with us…past the co-ed locker room (a few people were already in several stages of undress as we passed, like a parade of innocents, with wide eyes and nervous smiles). We saw the hot tub room and the massage table, a large TV and viewing area, and a cozy, bi-level fire pit before we came to the first “play area”, where the tour-guides had as sit and listen to the rules. From here, we went upstairs to the “red room”, the main play area. It was a continuous room that circled from the stairs and back again, with cubbies, side rooms, and ladders to higher areas (nice vantage points for watching others). Back downstairs, we were guided into the owner’s living room to hear a few words from him about how the place was started and the philosophy it upheld. After this, they guided us back down to the lobby area, where we took a quick nervous look at each other and made the decision to go for the membership (wow!!).

So, back to the car to get our “things” and, most importantly at this point, a bottle of wine. At this point, I was pretty sure we had earned a drink. We shoved our bag and coats into a locker and headed down to the tables. Dinner was pretty good…but the wine was better (and more necessary). So, for me, the night sort of became a haze at this point, so in an effort to recreate the night, I’m asking my husband to “refresh my memory”…his words here, I think, sum up the whole evening…”We got in about 3 songs, dancing to the band, before we decided our legs were getting tired and it was time to fuck.”

We went upstairs to get ready to go up to the red room. I mean, after all, what had we come all the way for? Sex. A good time. And we were pretty determined to have just that. We stripped down to skin (amazing…how much more comfortable it felt undressing in front of all these people than it does undressing in a one-gender locker room at the Y…I guess it’s the difference of sizing others up and comparing yourself to them and sizing each other up for possible later enjoyment, or just appreciating the scenery- more like window shopping than a competition). I felt pretty comfortable, since there was a little bit of everything there. Don’t get me wrong…I was still nervous…still kind of jittery…but willing.

Up the stairs we went…and once at the top, we looked around for just the right spot to begin. We picked a lower bed and left the curtain open (there weren’t very many people up there yet, so it didn’t seem to be an issue). And that was that! Since I was on the bottom, my eyes occasionally met the eyes of someone passing. They’d smile, and it totally made me hot knowing that they were watching my husband fuck me.

Now, we’d already made the rule that we wouldn’t be swapping anything in any way this first time. We were simply there to get used to it…to get comfortable…so our plan was simply to watch and be watched.

We went back down to the locker room, rinsed off, put our clothes back on and went back down for another glass of wine and some dancing, tried out the hot tub, and went back up to the red room for round 2.

This whole time, we were scoping out the joint, discussing what we thought of the other people, pointing out who we thought was hot and who was not…trying to define what we might be looking for when we were ready to “go there”. We talked to a few people, but really stayed in our own little world most of the night. We tend to be pretty shy people who take a bit to come out of our shells, so we sort of gave ourselves permission to save that for the next time we go.

Ultimately, the whole evening was pretty amazing. We wandered around and watched the whole surreal orgy happening around us. It felt sort of like a dream…parading around the circle, looking into cubbies to see women sitting on men’s faces, women giving blow jobs and hand jobs, couples joining in with other couples making chains of moaning,writing bodies. It was all a lot to take in, an overwhelming of the senses. Hearing women (mostly) and men coming all around just added to my own orgasms…in fact…I think the best was the “mirror room”. By our 4th time up (yes, lube was necessary at this point in the night), we were feeling a little more confident and decided to enter one of the group rooms. There were two king sized beds in the middle and a smaller bed off to the side…so we took that one. It was definitely a turn-on to see other people having sex while we did. Here is where my husband came a second time (which doesn’t happen all that often…he can certainly “go all night”, though)…so that was pretty amazing. I think it was hearing the other woman moaning as she came that did it. (And it totally made me want to mirror our whole bedroom.)

Before we went up for the 5th time, I was complimented on my tattoos, my lingerie, and my body by a man in the locker room. He touched my back as he spoke to me. It wasn’t a proposition, but it was the first interaction that made me consider “something more”. When we went back up for round 5, we picked a bed up high. While my husband was fucking me from behind, a group passed by and looked up. One of the men in the group was the same one who had complimented me…it wasn’t so much that I was interested, because I wasn’t really…it was simply the continuation of what had happened earlier. He smiled up at me, and it wasn’t very much later that I came again, for the final time.

The sleeping room was the only disappointment of the night. It was quiet, but they maintained low lighting so people could find their way around. I am such a light sleeper that this was a real problem…I think I maybe slept 20 minutes the whole night, so I was pretty damned tired this morning when we pulled ourselves out of bed and packed up our car. My knees ached (I think I need to start taking glucosamine!), my feet were killing me (damned platform heeled boots)…and I was pretty certain that if my coochie wasn’t completely broken, it was definitely “closed for repairs” for awhile.

We picked up the kids, put them down for a nap, and took one of our own. Hubby woke me up by pulling off my pajama pants and going down on me. Round 6! I guess it isn’t broken after all.

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