Originally posted 2-15-2008 on SwingersBoard –  Posting here as one of the pre-cursor stories to our later adventures…wanted to provide you all with a bit of background and foundation for stories and “experiences” to come….  As you can see, those of you have begun to follow me here, the blog is going to include a myriad of sex-based writing:  poetry, fiction, and personal experience.  From time to time, I also plan to throw in some product reviews and random interests.  So, enjoy these first posts from our early “swinging” days.  I look forward to sharing new adventures as they occur!

Original post written by The Lustful Literate/Brigit Delaney, 2/15/08:

So, here we go! Tomorrow evening, the Mr. and I are going to an orientation at a club (a few cities over) outside of Seattle…New Horizons. We’ve done our research, discussed our feelings, possible “rules”/boundaries, etc….all the “what if’s” of such an experience. Neither of us have ever actually “swung” yet. Just started discussing the idea about a month ago. Since then, we’ve joined this site and “come to terms” with the “likelihood” that we may be “interested” in “accepting” the fact that we may indeed be “into” “playing” with other peoples’ “significant others”.

To put it lightly, we are both “scared shitless”. And even though we listened to a very informative podcast about the “club” we will be visiting by a couple from this board (swingercast), it doesn’t make the “fear of the unknown” any less powerful. Nothing like setting your inhibitions on the ledge outside of a window on the 20th floor.

We started making a list of what to pack…just in case we decide to stay after the orientation. Let’s just say we aren’t committing to anything…just planning for a myriad of outcomes, including the possibility of staying all night. We’ve taken care of childcare and petcare. Bought me a sexy new dress (we’ll find the shoes tomorrow, I hope), and a hot new perfume (grrrrrrowwlllll!). Picked out hubby’s digs. Decided what we “would” and “would not” be willing to do on a first “venture” out (soft swapping for now – thank goodness, because of this site, I now know what that means!). And have found a nearby “adult beverage establishment” where we can drop in for a “small” sip of “courage” before we go.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll go for the orientation and decide to “sleep on it”. Maybe we’ll decide to “jump off the high dive” and get right to the “swimming”. Maybe we’ll decide just to “get our feet wet”.

I guess what I’m saying is, we’re freaked out but open-minded. We aren’t going with any expectations, except that “anything goes” (within our preset boundaries, of course).

Wish us luck…and I’ll be back with an update once we return. And maybe the t-shirt.

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