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    There’s nothing like the first time

    Here’s another “pre-swing” post.  This was originally posted on 2-17-2008 at SwingersBoard –  It is a description of our first visit to New Horizons in Seattle.  And while the club remains a fabulous place to visit, the website has turned to complete crap.  Don’t let the website turn you off.  It’s a classy club, well worth the visit.   *update: this club has now closed Broken coochie and aching feet Posted 02-17-2008 at 07:19 PM by The Lustful Literate/Brigit Delaney Well, we dove…head first! Yes, yes…we “came”, we saw, we conquered (our fears, that is). So, here’s how it all “went down” (ha ha!!! I love playing with words). We…

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    Originally posted 2-15-2008 on SwingersBoard –  Posting here as one of the pre-cursor stories to our later adventures…wanted to provide you all with a bit of background and foundation for stories and “experiences” to come….  As you can see, those of you have begun to follow me here, the blog is going to include a myriad of sex-based writing:  poetry, fiction, and personal experience.  From time to time, I also plan to throw in some product reviews and random interests.  So, enjoy these first posts from our early “swinging” days.  I look forward to sharing new adventures as they occur! Original post written by The Lustful Literate/Brigit Delaney, 2/15/08: So,…

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    Everyone has hidden desires.  Everyone imagines more than they will admit.  Everyone.  But, sometimes, caving to the risk of being discovered is the ultimate freedom.  It’s like letting go of a lie.  Becoming the truth.  Even if it means an inevitable loss of cover. I’m not quite that brave, yet.  I choose to remain anonymous.  But, I’m opening my mouth.  Wide. This blog is intended to give voice to my alter ego.  The side that does, says, writes, and feels what might otherwise be unacceptable in the day-to-day life I lead.  Erotic fiction and poetry, book and movie reviews, links, lists, personal essay, etc. On the eve of this Pagan…

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